About Us

Putnam County Aging Program, inc is a nonprofit organization serving the aged and disabled of central West Virginia. Founded and based in beautiful Putnam County, West Virginia, we’ve been providing support and care to seniors and the community across our service area since 1975.

We offer in-home caregivers, transportation services, and operate nutrition sites in Putnam and Fayette counties.

Guided by a mission to serve seniors by providing nutritional, social, and health-related programs designed to enhance and enrich the quality of their lives, we do our best every day to improve the lives of the aged and disabled as well as ease the difficulty felt by family caregivers.

We’re always looking for new ways to serve. For more information about Putnam County Aging Program, Inc. or the services we offer, please call our central office at (304) 755-2385

Senior Center Locations

Putnam County

Buffalo Senior Center
Center Director: Tommy Atkinson
(304) 937-3352
48 Wrights Lane
Buffalo, WV 25033

John Henson Senior Center
Center Director: LuAnn Willis
(304) 562-9451
2800 Putnam Avenue
Hurricane, WV 25526

Hometown Senior Center
Center Director: Cindy Bright
(304) 586-2745
40 First Avenue North
Hometown, WV 25109

Fayette County

Meadow Bridge Nutrition Site
Site Manager: Becky Williams
(304) 484-6199
8910 Sewell Ck. Rd,
Meadow Bridge, WV 25976

Oak Hill Senior Center
Center Director: Vicky Gehman
Site Manager: April Haney
(304) 465-8484
108 Lewis Street,
Oak Hill, WV 25901

Smithers Nutrition Site
Site Manager: Becky Whitlock
(304) 663-7641
2 Greyhound Lane, Suite B
Smithers, WV 25186


2558 Winfield Road
Saint Albans, WV 25177

Tel: (304) 755-2385
Fax: (304) 755-2389

Putnam County, WV
Fayette County, WV

Confidential Comment & Complaint Line:
(304) 945-3122