As a nonprofit dedicated to serving the aged and disabled of central West Virginia, Putnam County Aging Program provides homecare, Meals on Wheels, transportation, senior centers, a licensed social worker, and more!

Homecare services help keep people clean, safe, and comfortable in their homes despite some level of disability or illness. This includes respite services that give family caregivers a break, personal care that helps provide more direct care, chore workers that can provide some deeper cleaning and assistance with household chores, as well as other services. Caregivers can do anything from simply spending time watching over an individual to mowing grass or preparing food. Exact services vary by program.

Nutrition programs include daily meals at our senior centers, Meals on Wheels that are delivered to the person at home, and similar programs. Even in America many still face hunger, whether because of lack of mobility or lack of resources. Putnam County Aging Program seeks to eliminate hunger and food insecurity among the aged and disabled.

We also provide programs and events that don’t fit neatly into any one category. These include programs like our Christmas Gift Drive, emergency relief efforts, transportation, Tai Chi classes, and more.

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